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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

top 10 movies you should not miss in 2018

Top  10 action movies of  2018.

With the new year 2018 its time to find out new movies and tv seasons which are going to reased in this year As always the Hollywood has great surprizes for us which involve heroic/wisecracking superheros (in both live-action and animation world )So lets us sneek into this year movie's pack which will make 2018 truly Unforgettable.
movies 2018

1.Black Panther(feb 16)

Marvel is going to deliver its first superhero Directed by: Creed's Ryan Coogler,Danai Guira and Angela Basset and many others .its trailer itself will make you excited to wait for the movie to release .

2.Annihilation(feb 23)

The sci-fi-horror film is written and directed  by Alex Garland  .The story is about a women whose husband dies in a car accident which makes her to find her husband in all the parallel worlds thish leads to a disturbance and she is kind of stuck in diffrent world .the cast of the movie are Natalie Portman ,jennifer jason Leigh ,Oscar Isaac and Gina Rodiguez.


This is a big-budget Disney fantasy movie .This movie is about a young girl,her brother and her friend's goes to space  to find her father courtesy of three mystical figures. the cast of this movies are Christ Pine ,Michael ,Gugu Mbatha-raw and Zach Galifianakis and others .


This movie is about a Little boy searching for his dog a quaranined island populated by canines.All the star cast are on the ride.this movie could be one of the best offering of 2018.

5.You were never really here(april 6)

The movie is written/directed by Lynne Ramsay .this is a revenge thriller in which joaquin Phonix is action as a hired killer who unearth dark secrets while trying to protect a girl from a life of prostitution.

6. Avenger :infinity war(april 27)

With all its best superheros(Iron man ,Spiderman etc Avenger Infinity war is back in may to stop Josh Brolin's villainous Thanos you would definetly love to see this .

7.Solo :A Star wars story (may 25)

the origin of Han solo (played by Ehreich is one of the biggest question mark of 2018 this movie is all about that.

8.Deadpool 2 (june 1)

With Ryan Reynolds sarcastic merc deadpool 2 is back with new story this time he will be time traveling with Josh Brilin's time traveling bad-ass Cable .Deadpool sequel is directed by the director of Atomic Blond.




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