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Saturday, 11 March 2017

How to earn paytm cash for free

Hi everyone,  everybody wants easy money and today i am going to teach you how to earn some free cash with just your smartphone. 

The first question that come to your mind is it possible or is it..a scam so let me let you i have been using this method from last six month and its 100% legitimate this method is not going to make you a millionaire but ya it is definitely going to help you pay your monthly  data bill. 

If you search online there are many ways which will help you make money but believe  me i have tried nearby  every method ,and its not so easy .a lot of hardwork patience and determination is required .

So which that in mind lets get started the first app  about which i am going to tell you is a news app .

1. Don

Update ** This app has now stoped paying its users with 1 Rs per day offer and has started a lucky draw schema which is not that good .
Don (Daily offer & news)is a news app it has nearly 1 M users on the internet. The best thing about this app is it gives daily 1 Rs bonus for reading news for 10 mins. I know a lot of you would be thinking why the hell i go with lot of trouble to just get  a penny ,but remember little drops of water makes a ocean just in 30 days you would make Rs 30 you could pay you mobile recharge  of have a ice-cream it doesn't matter at last you earned it.

So just try it go to google play store and download the app  and you can redeem your cash when you cross the threshold   Rs 60 also you can earn more by downloading tha apps and ,referring this app to other get 5 Rs referral  .My referral  code is 8B3CF7B3 by using this referral code you will get a boost up money of Rs 15 just by sign up with my code and i get Rs 5 .so why to waste time download the app and start earning.
My Total earning from this app

2. Slidejoy

This is the one of the best app for  if you want to earn some buks without doing anything this app pays you in doller not so much but nearby 1$a month for not doing any this there are many ways to cash out this cash but the best is using your paypal account the minimum pay out you can have is 2 $ .

You have to run the app it will run in your background and show adds whenever  you open  the lockscreen of your phone  it give carts for every time the user open the lockscreen. The carts get updated at 10 PM. 1000 carts =1$ after you reach the threshold  of 2 $ you can redeem  your points any time you want .if you are india or some other country whose currency is not the dollers those currency  keeps on changing .

Note::You can wait till the value of you currency to in increase and redeem your points you can also donate your money to charity it you want.

I have been using this app for a quiet long time and its work fine also i redeemed 3$ to my bank account  .if you are into making some free money from your smartphone you should definitely try this app

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