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Thursday, 23 March 2017

How to delete useless whatsapp photos automatically

Whats App is a social platform of sharing information like ("text,video ,sound") but what to do when your friends and family diligently forward each and every thing which they have received on their networks .

The main problems  with whats App is the 'Spam' messages originate from our dear ones our own personal contacts . So blocking them for  sending spam messages is impossible. But what if i tell you there is a way to  delete  all the spam automatically without the risk of losing your personal important  stuff songs etc.

Siftr.... this app is a startup by an indian ex-employer of adobe this app deletes the junk message from the phone.

The app, Magic Cleaner, scans the media folder of your WhatsApp app and automatically detects all the junk images including screenshots, memes, video screen grabs, cartoons and other pictures with overlay text. You are then offered an option to delete all the detected images in one go.

How does it work? Like Cloud Vision, Google’s image recognition API, Siftr has developed their own image recognition engine that analysis the content of an image to determine whether it’s junk or not. It requires an active Internet connection because the image analysis is done on Siftr servers and not locally on the mobile phone. However it is unlikely to blow up your data plan as the app only uploads a small hash of the image and matches it against their own database of images.
I ran the photo cleaner app against a WhatsApp account that had about 4000+ images and it could successfully clean it up in about 10 minutes. The accuracy was very impressive. The app is free but you can only auto-delete a limited number of images in a single run. If you would like to delete more images, you either need to invite a friend to use the app or wait for a day.

If you have WhatsApp, which you probably do, Magic Cleaner is a must-have app. An iPhone version is in the works. Also, though the WhatsApps images are deleted from the memory card, a blurred thumbnail will still exist inside your WhatsApp message logs and you’ll have to erase them manually.

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