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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

5 best alternative of Google search engine

When it comes to search something  on the internet  the first thing  whats comes to mind is google.But did you knew that there are many search engines like Google on the internet  .Today i am going to tell you about the top five search engines other than google .

top 5 search engines 

Search engine  is a  bunch of software designed to search information  on the internet every search engines ans a different  algorithms than the other but sole purpose of the search engine is to find out the results  for you search. So lets see the top 5 best search  engines


Microsoft's search engine is the second most popular  search engine it is available in 40 other languages with a alexa ranking of 26 bing provides a variety  of search services like video web image and map search  products.


The main features  of DuckDuckGo is it does not spy on you like google leaves its user with there privacy and avoiding the filter bubble of personalised search result. it does not collect your histoty of search result.DuckDuckGo has an alexa ranking  of 505 it emphasizes geting best information  rather than the most sources generating its search results.


In the last few years youtube has gained much popularity over the internet  in the world of search results we can call  it is as one of the best videos based search engine.

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Yahoo is a American multinational company which is one of the most popular search engine after google it is globely  know as its webportal and its relative services like Yahoo mail!,Yahoo finance!,Yahoo News !,Yahoo group! Etc.

Ask is a question answer based search engine  it was created in 1996 although it is criticised  for its browser tool it is one of the best search engine.
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