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Thursday, 20 April 2017

What is Alexa and its commands

Alexa is a brilliantly designed pesonal assistant developed by Amazon has the capability  to play music ,play audio-book set alarm ,set to do list,streaming podcast,calling ,sending messages  and giving weather as well as traffic reports. It also provides news and  you can also control your smart device using home automation system.Most of the device with alexa allow there user to activate the device  using using a keyword.(you can call it echo)Currently  interaction and communication  with alexa is only available  in English and German.

Alexa voice assistance  is now infiltrating into people life because of its easy potability and reliability. Also you can  interaction  with alexa is much more swift and easier than before with a Tap,echo and Dot device.

Alexa normal commands

#for help : Alexa help

#for mute and unmute: Alexa mute ,Alexa unmute.

#for stop or pause: Alexa shut up ,Alexa stop.

#for volume control: Alexa set volume to 6,or Alexa volume up/down ,Alexa louder.

Date and time commands

#set alarm time:Alexa set an alarm for 6,alexa wake me up at 6 in morning.

#set timer:Alexa set a timer for 20 minutes.

#set a repeating alarm :Alexa set a repeating alarm for the weekend at 6 am.

#Ask time :alexa what is the time

#Ask date :Alexa what is the date today.

#Check date:alexa when it is( holidays) this year

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