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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

How to make money online without investment

Making money is not an easy task.and if you have to earn online the situation becomes more complicated. Who doesn't want to earn money? Whether  the money is from a part-time job of from freelancing or youtubing adding some more cash to wallet is always good . But not all the people get that sort of time to work don't worry .I have the solution to your problems i will tell your you how to earn on the internet on which we spend our most the time. money)

if just you Google on the internet  How to earn money online there would be thousand of pages suggesting something or the other the main part in this list is which type of earning would you like or in simple words which of these money making trick  you chose there are ways from being a youtuber to making a professional website a freelancer or a blogger .you can only earn online if you like what you do and that's your passion.So lets begin through our 3 unique and easy  ways you can earn money online.

1.Get Paid to take Surveys

I am not going to lie to you if you live in underdeveloped county or a developing county this Surveys thing is not for you most of the time after the Surveys they never pay.but if you live in developed country and enjoy taking Surveys there are many companies which pay people and gather valuable data from there consumers
you can find website like CashbackResearch they offer cash for consumer opinion.

2.   Writing a Blog 

Creating an entertaining, interesting blog post can give you a decent amount of cash for you through adds ,affiliated markting .The success of your blog depends on the popularity of the content you write .the better your article the more backlinks you get indexed in google search engine which leads to an increase in your earning .You can start Blogging on many platforms like blogger,wordpress,wix etc to know more about blogging you can reffer to a website Shoutmeloud

3. Becoming a Youtuber 

Becoming a youtuber may seems to you as a lot of investment  in expensive  video equipment stuff but i can assure you you just need a smarphone capturing and uploading it Youtube will display add on your video and that will make money for you .Youtube has became the second largest search engine on the internet which can just create cash for each of your videos According to multiple media reports. PewDiePie earn $7.4 million in revenue every year just from youtubing.

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