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Saturday, 8 April 2017

How to watch youtube videos which are not available in your country

If you have a decent internet  connection  ther its not possible  you have atlest one time in a day does not go to the youTube in the digital world YouTube is the best place from entertainment  to education. Not only youTube has become second most popular search engine of the world .youTube is globely available  for everyone and anyone can post or share their videos online .and earn from it. But  what happens when you click to watch a video  and know that it is not available  in your country we are going to fix this problem   for you so lets begin.

Its true that youtube has some restiction for watching the video's since internet is accessible for Everyone.well good for you there are many ways to fix this problem of youtube not available  in your country. The worst case scenario is that youtube is blocked in your entire country  or organizations but don't worry  we  have the solution for that problem.

How to solve the youTube not available  in your country  problem. 

Method 1:   

The easiest  way is to download the video .when you are just watching  videos online and come across a videos  which is blocked  by the uploader in your country so if you want to watch that video all you  have to do is to download  the video.
                                                  🙂How to download  a youtube video 

Method 2: 

 If your country  has blocked youtube for you then this method is for you.The two thing you need in this process is a web browser google chrome amd an extension there are many extension for this process  but we will use hola extension for chrome hola also offer its extension for Mozilla Firefox. 

Method 3:

Proxy Services work almost like the VPN Services, but there are differences. For this purpose of unblocking YouTube videos, you can easily set up a proxy server and access the content. Here too, YouTube may detect  that the user  is accessing the website from another country.

There are number of free and paid proxy services. Depending on what you need and according to the requirements for features, you can make the right choice. This is an effective way to overcome all sorts of YouTube blocking, whether by an authority or YouTube itself.

Method 4:

This is the best  method for fixing nearly all sorts of YouTube Blocked errors . You can use this even if the all the above methods don't work. The simplicity is because we are using a VPN service for doing this.
A VPN Service can make the website/authorities believe that you are from other countries or regions. Even when you are browsing from any of the country from the world, you can choose a US or UK IP address.

So, the website feels you are a visitor from US or UK respectively. Bringing this feature, you can make YouTube think that you are accessing the service from another country.

This way, you can fix the YouTube Not Available in Your Country error .  once you have decided to use a VPN Service, you have two options. You can go for free VPN services like Hola, and there are  lots of  paid VPN Services too. In the paid variants,  you are going to have extra features and better service support. It’s to be noted that a VPN can be used for not only unblocking content but also for extra security. Another thing to be noted is that VPN services are available for PCs, Macs, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and even for some routers.

Note: If you are using a VPN ,then every request you make will be done through the selected VPN Service. But, it’s the easiest ways to recommend when you ask us how to watch blocked YouTube videos.

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