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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Some cool whatsapp tricks you should know.

1. How to send bold italic and striked text in whatsapp

To send a bold messages  you need to put a  * star symbol before and after the text
Ex:  *hello*    will print a bold hello in the message section.

 To send a italic message you need to put a underscore _ before and after the text.
Ex: _hello_ wil print a italic hello in the whatsapp message box.

 To send a striked message you need to put a tiled sign~  before and after the text.
Ex: ~hello~wil print a italic hello in the whatsapp message box.

2..How to send files having format as apk,rar, exe,doc,etc which whatsapp does not support via whatapp. 

 First of all you need to change the extension of the file which you and to send over whatapp  to .txt as if text format.

For ex: if the name of the file is google.apk
rename it as google.txt and send it .

After your friend receive the file   tell him to rename the file back to what it was .amd the file will work totally fine.

3. Using multiple whatsapp  account on same device.

If you want to run more that one whatsapp  account on one device  first of all you will have to download an app from the app store know as parallel space

Click on +  option  to make a clone of WhatsApp  and use two of them in the same mobile phone

4 Tired of being added to a group repeatedly or not fond of a group...

1) Go to WhatsApp Web , preferably on chrome.
2) Open the group chat ,choose any emoticon and keep on inserting it(about 4k emoticons) by using copy-paste till the tab slows down .When there are enough emoticons, just press enter or the send button. It may seem not to respond but just give it some time.
3)When done sending, notice a tick on the emoticons message, then force close the tab and you are good to go.
That group will now become unusable- to prove it try opening it on your device and it will force close. Everyone will be forced to leave the group.You can even try it on an individual chat.

5.  Hack Your Friends WhatsApp Conversation: It takes only 2 seconds to hack your friends              whatsapp account. Follow below guidelines to hack it:

  1. Get your friend’s phone for few minutes
  2. Connect it with your laptop via USB
  3. Go to folder > whatsapp > databases
  4. You will find two files named:msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt andmsgstore.db.crypt
  5. Copy this file and rename it with “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt” to “msgstore.db.crypt”. If the file extension is different like “.crypt5” then rename the prefix but do not change the extension
  6. Install the whatsapp application it will ask for restore. Chose restore from backup. Cheers! You will have all your friends conversation on your phone.
6.Know When He Or She Read Your Message:
Just go to the conversation and press the message for few seconds:
On the top you will i symbol. Click on it you will see the read status of message.

7.Create Shortcut For Frequently Used Contacts
It is very easy to create a shortcut of your frequently used contact in your home screen:
  • Keep press contact on whatsapp for few seconds
  • Pop up will appear, choose add conversation shortcut
  • Your shortcut will be created in the Home Screen
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