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Saturday, 15 April 2017

why a memory card get corrupt ?

For a mobile phone user a worst thing that can happen  is when his memory card get corrupt all the data (photo, video and  just gone in the second  and the best you can do is format your card end up losing everything .Most of us really  don't even know how did the memory card got corrupt and how to fix it .but before i get to it i want to tell you that not all corrupted card could be saved some of them are beyond saving but i can give  an idea how to extract  your precious data from your card .
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A corrupt  memory  card has damaged data which prevents  it from working properly and the pefect method to know if the card is corrupted or not try to add some photos into it if a card is damaged it is impossible for the card to read a image on will changed into  a half image and half black screen.

Memory  cards corruption  is often a result of man made mistakes. If you are aware of those mistakes you can probably  give you card a long life.🙂

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Cause of a memory card  Damage

  •  Closing the camera before the image is completely written on the memory card.

  •   Removing  the card from you mobile phone withing mounting  card .

  •    Removing  the memory  card from the camera  before the image is completely written on the card .

  •  Removing the card from the computer without ejecting  and while the data is still  being transferred to the computer.

  •  Using the card from one camera  to another  without formatting  it first.

  • keeping the card full can lead to overwrite  the cards head.

  • Continues shooting  and deleating the images when the card is full.

  • Changing your mobile storage for all the app and camera to the card when your phone memory is running low is a also a cause for the damage   a card

  • Taking photos  when camera battery is low.

  • Opening, deleting ,renaming or moving the file while they are empty.

  • Formatting your card on your computer  than your camera or smartphone. Formating a card on the computer  takes time  and there is much of chance that the card hangs and get corrupted.

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