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Saturday, 27 May 2017

How to boost your Home Wi-fi signal | 10 ways |

Like every other technology  Wi-fi also feels like magic and plays a very important  role when it comes to use internet,  wi-fi is a radio signal and thus many other waves can interfere with these signal which leads to slow  internet connection. A lot frustrated internet  user reset their router to get a better signal and improve the connectivity.

But i am going to tell you 10 key points which will definitely  increase your wifi signal.

1.Use the latest wifi technologies 

2. Find the perfect  spot to place your router.

3.Use wifi booster hardware or turn your old wifi router into a wifi repeater.

4. Update your firmware 

5.Increase the speed by DIY tricks using aluminium foil.

6.Have a good security.

7.Having control on bandwidth-hogging application like torrent .

8.Get away from other interference. 

9.Find the perfect wireless channel.

10.Set your router to reset on auto Schedule. 

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