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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

How to use live location sharing

Posted by :Prashant Bhushan Shukla

When you are in a unknown city and you have to reach at your friend's but you don't know, what is the location of there house? What would you do in such a situation ,using live location sharing feature is the solution to your problems . With the help of google maps and facebook messenger  you can share your  live location and reach out to anyone anywhere you want what's app also provides this feature in its beta version. 

 Facebook messenger

Recently , the live location sharing feature has been added in the Facebook messenger.The advantage of this feature is that,user can share his location very precisely.and ,the person you have shared your location with can track you within the next 60 minutes.

This feature is optional you can share your live location sharing  with any  number  of people you want, it is moreover like the apple map and the google map . you can activate the live location sharing feature by the following methods---

1- firstly, open the Facebook messenger then tap on that contact with whom you want to share your location with 
2- here, you will observe a 'more' option which would in the form of + sign ,tap on it 
3- after clicking on the 'more' option you will see a location and plan option .
as soon as you click  on it ,Facebook messenger will ask you for location access after giving the location access you can share your live location
4-Using live location sharing your friends can track you for the next 60 min.
but if you feel like you need to close it then tap on the stop sharing option
and it will be closed.
5- here on the map you will get a stopwatch ,which will help you to know 
how long you can share location.
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Google Maps

Later these day ,google has added in it's maps, the real time location sharing feature.with its help you can share your current location .this feature is available for not only android but also for apple's IOS.
let's know how to use this feature
1- Open the google maps on your smartphone
2-after clicking on the three lined menu button you will see the share location
3-After tapping on 'get started' option ,you can choose for how long you want to share your location .Here , you can select from option of 15 min. ranging upto 3 days . here,you also get the option to turn off location sharing.
4-then choose the contact with whom you want to share your location
5-After this you will see an option named 'frequent contact' or you can use the option 'select people ' to  add people to the list of contacts you want to share your location with and then after choosing your contacts ,you can share your location.

Live location on What's app

Like the Facebook messenger What's app is also testing this feature.
this feature can be seen in the Beta version 2.17.150 . here it is easy to use the live location sharing .for this you have to tap on the option 'clip icon' here you will see the live location share option.

Along with it you will also see 'current location' and 'nearby place'. After tapping on live location you  will see option's of 15 min. ,1hr and 4 hrs and you will have to select from it. if you feel like you need to stop sharing you choose the option 'Stop sharing'. you can use this feature for an individual as well as for a group ,to use it follow the following steps:

1- if you are an android user ,then after choosing the contacts you want to share your location with tap on the 'clip' option displayed on the screen.after tapping on it you will see an option 'Location' ,then you click on it to share your loation.
2- if you are an ios user ,then in the left side of new chat ,you will see an 'Arrow' .here you will get the option to 'share location' and 'send location'. 

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