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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Google beat Apple and Microsoft once again in global brand ranking

In the world of technology  being 1st is what matters  people always wants to know which brand is best in the market which company  had made progress  and by how much .which brand stock price goes up and which lag behind .

So this year at BrandZ globle rankings for the second year running  ,Google beat Apple for the top  convinced  by the research company Kantar Millward brown.

Maintaining  its first  position from last two years Google has made its reputation of its brand.Apple after being no 1 from 2010-2014 and in 2015 made itself to the second position 

The sturdy say that Apple brand went up by 3% to 234.7 billion  whereas google brands went up by 7%  to 245.6 billion.

The main reason of why Apple lost its position  because it could not excit its public .its hard to be exciting  and globle at the same moment. Google made its popularity  from its google wind its new gadget  and smartphone  ,self riding bike etc. Microsoft  hold on to its steady  position  at no 3 from the last three years.

Tech companies  were evaluated  in this league  table ,on the basis of 3 million  customers  from 51 countries  all over the world.

With the stunning  rise of 41% ,Amazon hold the 4 th rank in the top brands list just five years ago Amazon  was sttrugling to be in top 20 in the list .

The top brands Google ,Apple ,Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook  hold 25 % brand value of top 100 brands . Many  brands have evolved  such as Netflix,snapdeal  and YouTube  made itself to the top 100 for the first time in the list.

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