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Monday, 26 June 2017

How to edit video in smartphones

                   How to do video editing in smartphones

In this world of selfies, Everyone has a passion for photography.for this you just need a smartphone with a better quality camera . keeping this in mind companies are also launching smartphones ,w ith HD cameras

Using these phones you can have comparatively better photos and video shoots .and along with the HD cameras ,t hese phones provide editing tools which are quite advanced.


Many a times in the course of taking better videos, we take long shots, so that we might not miss the perfect shots. But in the process, the videos become too long and boring. But now, with the help of these smartphones, we can edit the that preserving the perfect parts, we can trim the rest boring part of the video.

For this open the video you want to cut short  and then follow the steps given down below


1- Firstly, click on the pencil option below the video.

2-After this you will see a timeline on your screen, this is the video timeline, here you can see each frame of your video. 

3- Now drag the video from one edge and then tap on the part you want to trim or from where to where you need the video, select it.

4-After the video is trimmed click on save option, and now your video is the combinations of best shots.


There are many video editing app that you can use, you can also edit your video on your laptop with some software life , some best video editing software for pc are filmore, video editor you can get there software online free of cost online.


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