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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Indian Election commission partners with facebook to register new voters

Indian government  took a big initiative  by patching up with social networking  site facebook for the registration  of new voter's.

Election commission of india is going  to poll next year aiming  at youth section  of out society for participation in the democratic exercise.

Facebook  patners with elction commision and cheif electoral  officer in 5 states named Uttar Pradesh  ,panjab ,goa and uttrakhand for the first time to run a voter registration  drive across  the state.

With over 165 million  people in india on facebook will be motivated  to vote .the special  button is desined to encourage  people of these five state to exercise there vote in the upcoming  election. From July or October  users of age 18 years old will get notifications  in there news feed to apply for there voter id card .

By clicking  on the ""Register Now⃣⃣⃣ "" people will be directed  to the national voter services website where they could apply for there card .The web potal will guide them to the through  the registration  process.

This feature  will be available  in panjab on Oct 6 ,for people from manipal on October  7,for people from Uttar pradesh and uttrakhand  on October 9 and October 10 in goa .

As youth are the future of india it os important  for  them to take part in the biggest  democratic  excercise of elction.

With a mission to connect with the young generation voter's the office of uttrakhand has also came up with its own Facebook  page. The aim of the page if to develop a live interaction program soon in near future.

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