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Saturday, 3 June 2017

What is O level computer courses |How to apply |Eligibility ||Last year Question paper

What is O level exam ?

This is the first response  i get when i ask someone about O level computer course .But we can't  blame anyone , even on google  there is no proper blog or article which can give  you each and every detail information   about this course.

 "O level "is a  is a foundation course of DOEACC Society in the field of information  technology.  The objective  of the course is to prepare candidate for DOEACC Society  by imparting required knowledge and skills. You can undergo this courses  after intermediate or even continue with your graduation at the same time .

Student form any stream can apply for the course

 How to apply  for O level

There are two ways how you can apply for this courses  firstly through  any institution applying  through  a institute  will cost you you near about  Rs 12,000 -15,000  the fee can even be higher  according to the institution  you are appling from.
The second way is you apply  directly which will cost you half the price  than applying  from any institution. The cost of registration is Rs 500 and the validity  of the registration is 5 years which means for next 5 years you can complete your exam any time you want.


10+ 2 from any recognised  institution and one year experience in computer application Ex: (PGDCA)


M1-R4 IT Tools and Business Systems
M2-R4 Internet Technology and Web Design.
M3-R4 Programming and Problem Solving through ‘C’ language
M4.3-R4 Introduction to ICT Resources
M4.2-R4 Introduction to Multimedia
M4.1-R4 Application of .NET Technology


The results  of the exam is generally  declared after two months of completion exam . You can check your result on the website of DOEACC  Society.  Each of the result are sent to the students  individually  also is you have registered from an institution  you can request the result .The result will be provided in grades ,and the certificate  are only awarded if you clear the practical  exam. eventhough the marks provided in the  practical  will not be counted  for the overall grading of the exam.

The grade  system  of the exam are as follow 
85%- and above   S
75%-84%               A
65%-74%               B
55%-64%               C
50%-54%               D
Below 50%            F

Job opportunities

There are many job opportunities for a student you has completed  his DOEACC o level courses  few of the employment opportunities  are given below

* junior Programmer
* Programmer Assistant
* Computer Operator (private as well as         goverment sector)

* IT LAB Assistant

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