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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Facebook helps its user to find hotspot

Its time when you don't have to ask wifi password from your neighbor or use any kind of third-party app as Facebook will soon release its new features to find free public wifi hotspot all around the world.

Facebook is testing its new feature 'wifi discovery ' to find out free public wifi for some selected countries soon in more option you will find wifi button which will help you find any shared public wifi and automatically connect you with it, this new features will be realesed for the world by the next month.

One of the head of facebook said: "  To help people stay connected  we are rolling our new feature that surface open wifi network associated with nearby places ."

Other than WiFi finder this  Facebook option  will help people by giving  them a chance to discover diners, strip malls and different things close to your GPS area.
For now, this feature  has only been released for the ios user in some of the country.

Additionally, Facebook is now gather area history from your gadget. However, Google is as of now doing that for a considerable length of time. So its time to enjoy internet on your fingertips anytime anywhere  you want.

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