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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Fututeristic tech model hyperloop completes its first test run successfully

' Elon Musk' the iron man of real world hasd proposed  the "fifth model of  transport in 2012" The Hyperlòop in which passengers  and goods could  be easily  transported  at the speed of 1300mph thought  it looks like a fantasy it has successfully  completed  its first test run .

Hyperloop is a system  of transportation  which travel  at a very high speed even more than an aeroplane ,In this project  the train runs through  a tube which is pumped with into a near vaccum. Also the train pods will  float using the theory   magnetic levitation reducing  the friction in the tunnel and thus giving a boost to the speed of the train.

According  to the company  its first functional  hyperloop  system will be completed  till 2021 ,it had already  tested its 500m prototype  in nevada.

Although  the cost of setting  this system is very high a lot of company  has shown keen  interest  in this project SpaceX has initially  arranged  a competition  between  the teams which could be used on the hyperloop pods,since 2015.even some student from University  of Edinburgh  are trying to work on this design  to make this dream a reality.

Some proposed  routes are

*Estonia -finland  54 mile
*Vienna -Budapest 149 mile
*The Netherlands 266 mile
*Corcica -sardinia-280 mile etc..

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