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Thursday, 10 August 2017

How to attack and defend in Builder base tips-

In Builder Base when you fight Battles it's not easy to only win a good attack; the main part in winning is also how good you can defend yourself against your opponent. Not only the good defense can save you from the enemy attacks but also from your bad attack. Many a time I had just destroyed the enemy builder house and even though I had destroyed less % of enemy base I did win the attacks. In this guide I'I, I show you how you can defend your base and always be victorious in your battles.

How to defend your Builder Base

Builder base is nothing like your Home base, the strategy you use in your home Base cannot get you a win in your Builder base in Versus Battles, the defense of your base has the direct impact on the result whether you are going to win or lose.

even though your attack is awesome if you consistently give 2 to 3 stars to your rival, its more chance that you will not be able to get lots of victories and most of your attack will result either in loss or tie.

As you can see I have won the attack only because of my strong base design; my base had my back even though I did a bad attack. (I'll show you some Solid design below).

Also, the win rate matters the most because you only get three chance to get money and exile from the battle and it would help a lot at the beginning if you get your resource every day so that you can keep your builder busy.

Getting to your first 1000+ trophies is easy it took me almost 4 hr to reach 1000 trophies you will get the same result if you follow the guide so let's begin 

Always make your Builder Hall in the center

 Since stars matter the most in builder hall try not to give them so easily there are 3 stars first star for destroying the Builder Hall second one for crossing 50% threshold (destroying  Enemy base more than 50 % ) and the third star for getting 100% so stars take the priority.

Keeping your Builder Hall outside means that you are giving one of your  Stars for free your enemy can easily drop some archers and destroy your Builder hall and that makes winning even tougher.

Always remember to keep a distance of 2 tiles from the builder hall to the wall so that the archers could not target so easily. also if you have less wall to protect your Builder hall try to surround it by other building and defenses.

Make a door 

Though it will sound little crazy making a funnel in your defense but its a trick a loophole of the game the barbarians always find the easiest way to enter into your base and creating a gap within the wall will tempt them to come inside through that way.

And that makes you the boss, you can control their destiny by putting spring taps and bombs in their way and believe me your opponent will perform worst performance against your base when you do have a closed wall ring.

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