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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

IBM creates a record of storing 330TB data in a tiny magnetic tape

Have you faced problem of low storage  capacity  on your devices well not any more. IBM is back with its new breakthrough which has managed to get an areial density of 201 Gb per square inch of a sputtered magnetic  tape. This density  is 20 time more than the density used for any commercial  purposes  right now.

This breakthrough  can really  help a lot ,and bring a vast change , imagine your smartphone  with such a power to store any thing you want without worrying  about the memory  shortage.After Working on this project several years IBM has gained success  in collaboration  with sony storage  media.

With its efforts  IBM have managed to bump the target from 6.67 Gb sqr/inch to 201 Gb sqr/inch .

With this storage  power we can expect to store  near about 300 thousand  million book in just a single cartridge. Also the storage capacity will be near about 330 Tb ,which is kind of a big deal .

As cloud has became a main form of backup storage. This type of technology will work as a cold storage  type of solutions; this could also lead to less storage cost in near future.

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