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Friday, 29 September 2017

Some mind blowing YouTube hacks

YouTube is an American website for video sharing .its  headquartered is in  San Bruno, California.
The service was created by three   former ,Paypal employees — Chad Hurley,Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim .which was bought  by  Google  in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion, whether  it is entertainment  news media search engine  of social media .its has made our life more easy ,its numerous  features  has brought  life into the internet  Today  i am going to tell you some more features  of  YouTube  so that you can use this website  to its full potential.

Subscript  for each and every video.

Now you can watch any YouTube channel  with its transcript .whether  the quality  of the sound and video is best or not its alwayas good to have a transcript too.And the god news is YouTube  creates  transcript  for all of its video for its viewers, unless the user has manually  blocked the script option even though  sometime  these transcript  give us a good laugh . But there practice of  YouTube  is kind of awesome when the sound  is inaudible  or you are not so good in understanding english ,getting  a
 Written script is like  a bonus  point.

International video restriction? Not anymore

This is the worst problem  every one has suffered  .it would be a song or a movie or your favourite comedy show you are been forbidden  to see the video due to your country  block read  to post know how to watch blocked videos 

Block all types of YouTube  ads

Watching  ads between  your favourite movie is the most frustrating  moment ,but don't  worry there is a way to get rid of these ads Crome users can get  'ad blocker for YouTube  'and thus enjoys ads free YouTube. 

GIF your video in jiffy  

Now is you want to share your video or want to add to your status as a gif file you cam simply  convert your video file into a gif file .All you have to do is replace the URL with the 'gifyoutube' and it will transfer you to the from where you can create  your own gif .

Bookmark any video 

Many it happens to me when i search for a video  which i watched  seven days ago i can't  find it . Or you are at work want to watch a video and your boss is very strick or cannot turn up the volume  as it will disturb  your colleague, YouTube  gives you a best option to add your video  to put in a  add to watch later list 

In order to add the video  to  watch later list ""open the video "">>>then click on the add to icon below the box and check  the box next to the playlist 

To acess those  video  just go to your YouTube   homepage  and click on watch later from the menu from the left side of your screen. You will get all the video you added  by you .

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