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Sunday, 22 April 2018

10 points to better your smartphone battery life

Smartphones have evolved a long way whether it is about the design, camera or processing speed. However, the battery status is still the same the back old system, there is no major breakthrough. When it comes to the battery it has to support so many apps, multiple sensors (touch sensor, gravity sensor, light sensor)which drains out all the power from your phone. it could be said every system on your phone is directly depended on the life of your battery.

Even though now nearly all brands offer you "fast Charging" and "power saving mode" but this is not the permanent solution to your problems.

So here we have mentioned few tips so that at the time of emergency (low power ) how could you save your battery life.

  • Turn off "Always on" Google Hot word Detection 

For a person like me who always keep shouting "OK Google" in public  for any help its hard to disable this feature but at the time of battery crisis this tips could be real Handy this prevent your phone to always listening to hot words like 'ok google' ,'shoot' (to click a photo etc.) to perform a search function  

How to disable this inbuilt feature

Go to Apps > Settings > Google Services > Search &Now > Voice

Click on 'Ok Google detection'

Turn Off Always on

  • Reduce the brightness and Switch to Black

If your smartphone has an AMOLED display, then applying Black colored wallpaper will reduce the battery drain. If you Ask HOW?

This is because every smartphone has pixels which brighten up to display anything on the screen the AMOLED display only utilities battery power to illuminate light colors and don't need any energy to show black color on the screen. 

So all you have to do is put darker wallpapers, higher the number of black pixels on the screen the less power is consumed to illuminate them, hence saving your battery from draining so soon.

  • See what is sucking most of your phone juice.
Go to your settings to the >'Battery uses' to watch and manage your phone battery and which application is consuming it more to less in a descending order list of battery hogs.

if you see any application you rarely use or feature which is of no use to you, eating your battery you should definitely uninstall the app or turn off the feature.
  • Turn off the unnecessary radio hardware 
it's a gift that we get so many features like LTE, NFC, GPS, WI-FI, Bluetooth but you really need all these apps activated 24/7 ever you mobile data you can close it before sleeping.

There are many apps which keeps the location of the user this data update can easily be seen on the battery percent.GPS(is the largest  power drain feature )

To turn off this feature swipe down to bring up the notification bar, and tap on the icons which are blue.
  • Use your Ultra Power Saving mode
From Samsung galaxy to HTC One(M8),vivo, Oppo etc have 'power saving mode' and 'Ultra power saving mode' respectively that limits the uses of the phone to texting, phone call few apps and Internet browsing.

This can extend a few more hours for you it could be even many days with very few remaining percentages of your battery.

  • Remove unnecessary Home Screen widgets and live Wallpaper 

Puting so many app shortcuts and widgets on your home screen seems  harmless but ever that drain your  battery in the 
background -not to mentions the animated wallpaper and screen-saver which looks pretty good but destroys your phone slowly.

it is not important to remove all of then only those which you do not use more often .

  • Update your apps.
Most of the application get update to save and reduce battery use. so keep in mind to make sure all of you app are up to date.

There is an auto-update automatic feature but you can also manually do it time to time .check for updates in google play by hitting on the menu key and going to My Apps.

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