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Sunday, 8 April 2018

blogging method for newbie bloggers

Ten to twenty years from today nobody had ever thought that just writing something on the internet can make you money. Even today people think blogging as a scam, or waste of time and money but DO YOU?

 I don't think so or else you would be here reading this post you would have been in your office working nine to five.

So let me get you straight to the point, blogging is not easy it takes a lot of hard work, money and your precious time.

There are a number of pages on the internet which tells you what to do and what not to do so it's up to you to decide which advice to take after all it's you who decide your fate and believe me two success stories are never same its always something different 

1. Spend Time (invest your time)

Think like this, your post which you write will be read by thousands or millions of people imagine they spend at least one min on your article adding all that time will be equal to one million minutes, and that's your achievement.

Newton third law was every action has an equal and opposite reaction to the amount of time you spend on thinking and writing those posts will definitely get you success 

2. Don't think about earning

Every new blogger who starts with blogging has a dream that his blog will get Adsense approval and he starts earning as soon as possible this is the biggest mistake. 

Keep in mind if you just write to earn in the longtime run this is never going to help, you will end up quitting or will be banned very soon blog only if you love it not because you want to earn from it.

3. Be unique be different 

Be unique and different and to the point, the first 10 sec of the user on your website decide whether he should stay or leave they don't even read unless you catch there attention.

Walking on the same old path of writing pattern can never get you the amount of traffic you deserve.

4.Understand your visitor

Every year thousands of good start-up dies because they can not understand their users. you can only sell things which are in demand 

This situation is same in blogging you have to understand what your readers want and write accordingly. going towards the direction of the flow of always helped.

use tool, analysis, survey anything and everything which could tell you about your readers is helpful 

using social media to interact with your readers and try to know what they link what they hate this can be very helpful you can't even imagine. facebook could be a very powerful tool.

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