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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

How to overcome the fear of coding

Want to become a programmer but the  fear of coding never let you get out of your comfort zone   ,therefore its important to overcome your Fear of coding,  firstly you have to  find the trigger point of the fear.
Before prescription, there is always diagnosis.
In this post I will list the most common triggers of the fear of coding.
Then I will prescribe a How you can shatter your fear of coding
Most people are afraid of coding for the following reasons:
  • Instructions use complex terminologies to explain concepts
This makes an average person feel inferior and dumb.

Many times when new people enter the world of coding and start to code they come across a lot of complex terminologies new complicated things that is not so easy to understand without some ones help and then those people end up quieting even a simple logic can be very tricky to understand .
  • The coding environment is not natural to how humans operate
    We build knowledge based on our past reference of                    knowledge.
    Writing code is very different than any other human skill          so much so that we face difficulty understanding many              concepts because we have no baseline reference to build          this new knowledge on
  • Do not know how to break features down into super small steps

   Programming is a hyper logical activity

   And to build a software, Programmer needs to learn how to     break down each feature into smaller chunk of steps and         code them accordingly.
Now here are the solutions to each problem:
  1. Find a resource (book, website, blog post, video training) that teaches programming with simple terminology. This resource should not assume you have any baseline reference of programming knowledge.

    When concepts are explained simply even to Professionals, it creates clarity and encourages the student (you) to take action
  2. Learn concepts that build knowledge using analogies.
    Since we acquire new knowledge through our previous point of references, using analogy is the fastest way to learn new and difficult concepts
  3. Break features down into smaller steps
    Learning how to break down features into smaller steps comes with either experience or through watching professionals do it.

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