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Saturday, 2 June 2018

what to do after your class 12th indian student

Hello guys, if you are reading this post then probably you have passed your class 12 or going appear for it soon, and confused about your future and your career believe me even I went through this pressure deciding what do next after class 12th is the toughest decision in every student life whether she is a girl or a boy. 

Everyone wants to be successful in their life. Having a dream job or you can call it as an ideal job(get a perfect job which could land you to get married, have kids a car and a house for shelter, this is the average requirement for every Indian student) when they decide to choose their career option.

In India 99.9% students live in the shelter of their parents where there they get everything and never know about outside their world when they pass out  they don't even know what to do next in their life, or what they want and in this kind of situation and there are also those type of family where you have to work from scratch for everything they have to work for there survival.

But it doesn't  matter whether you are a rich or a poor kid making a decision after you pass your class 12th is same for the both  most of the student make these simple mistake 

 The mistake made by the student :

1.Following their friends

This can be called a major reason why most of the student in India are unemployed because in spite of following their passion Indian students follow their friend.

Never go running behind your friend because that will never help you in your life.

2.Not Understanding one's capability

its simple for a bird to fly and a snake to crawl but if a bird tries to crawl and a snake tries to fly that's literary impossible the same situation is in our real life scenario, not all student are good in math's and not all are good in art. Everybody is born with his or her inborn capability which could be improved to make it more better and gain success in your life.

it is not necessary that only a doctor or an engineer can be successful and earn a decent amount of money even a farmer with the proper education in his field can make well on his bank balance with his knowledge.

3. Trying to show superiority to  relative (son/daughter)

This type of behavior can easily be seen in a typical Indian family comparing one student to another is a completely wrong way to judge someone, as no two people are same.

And trying to prove you are better from someone and making your living life hell is not a proper way to go in your life.

There is a simple rule if you want to be happy in your life do something what you truly desire, and find a way to monetize it. its 21st-century guys even if you like to spend your whole day on facebook make it worth it start your own affiliate marketing.

it doesn't even matter whether your cousin brother is at a higher post than you or get a good amount of salary. Life is too short for this, make your every second worthwhile enjoying what you do rather than proving some stupid point to someone else.

4.Avoid wasting time 

After class 12th if you decide to do something,be prepare for it before hand don't waste your time because that time  is a golden time of your life(every minutes and every second count )
somebody has truly said "Time is money".
 With all your energy and and all your time you can make your dreams comes to reality

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