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Sunday, 30 September 2018

MCA from jss noida

Hey everyone, I am writing this post on my website after a long period of time, I shifted to Noida sector 62 to complete my MCA from jss institute of technology one of the best colleges of UPTU.

Today I am going to talk about my three-month experience about this college like every other college it has a huge campus and a lot of student sturdy here. The college hostel has limited number of accommodation  that why Postgraduate students like MCA and MBA have to find and another hostel outside the campus which make 

Merits of studying in JSS Noida.

  • Classes go on every day (75% attendance is mandatory)
  • The facility like library and are opened till 8 o clock till evening you can come any time you want and sit and sturdy in the reference section
  • Delhi is a cyber hub, so getting any internship from any prestigious company is quit easy.
  • Your past numbers do matter if you have fewer marks in your graduation less than 60% you will face a lot of problem at the time of placement.

Demerits of the college 

  • The fee structure for the course is very high more than the B-tech student 
  • MCA student have to compete with B-tech (CS)student .
  • Number of student are decreasing every year out of 60 seats only 27 student took admission in 2018.
  • The highest sallary package for mca student from the college  is 5 lakh.
So, if you are thinking to come to this college i would suggest you think about every pro and cons.

You have to work very hard every second month you have a sessional exam and after 6 month there is a semester exam and a lots and lots of assignment if you are unable to complete your assignment on time you will lose marks from your term end exam.

Why take admittion here ? 

if you love computers and want to get a degree and did not qualify the entrance exam of any prestigious colleges like JNU,NIMCET,BHU then you should you should definetly go for it.

Subjects in the first Semester.

  1. Computer concept And Programming in C.
  2. Professional Communication.
  3. Accounting and Financial Management
  4. Computer Organization and Architecture.
  5. Discrete Mathematics 

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