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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

What are the differences Between Rich and Poor ?

When I lived in Ballia which is situated at the bank of river Ganga at the border of UP& Bihar for twenty years I moved of Noida to complete my higher studies. I realized the difference in the lifestyle of the people. The difference between these rich and poor people. Why rich grow to be rich and the poor get poorer.

The one word answer to this is their Thinking.

Its there way of thinking the way we look at things makes all the difference. A shoemaker from a village makes 3 shoes daily and spend all his time making it better and better till it reaches perfection and when the times comes to sell those "Reap his profit" shoes he never gets the real price for his product the maximum what he gets is 40 Rupee per shoes. Now those same shoes made by the shoemaker when it comes to the market is sold by Shopkeeper at the cost of 1000 Rupee per shoe. 

I think this example had made you realize why some people are so Rich and someone are so Poor. its all about thinking. Money attracts money if you have noticed any rich people around you may have noticed rich people have rich habits when a normal person works from nine to five at night or the free time he spends all his money cheap beers of unnecessary things which he doesn't even need. But Riches brings rich habits he does not spend his hard earned earnings in destroying his own body or go for shopping for unnecessary things.

Have you ever seen Mark Zuckerberg in Gucci jeans or Warren Buffett in a lavish apartment? WHY because they know these things will bring no good to them? it would a free advertisement for the company and if Bill Gates use their product. They have reached to limit where they don't have to show them self to others.

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