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Sunday, 19 May 2019

How to start with app Development ? Series 01

App Development Class 101 SERIES 01

You want to begin your career in app development Learn from scratch, you are in the right place. I am starting this One month series of articles how you have to go through all the process everything you need to be an App Developer which will boost your career and learn new things. 

Every Beginner faces the problem when they starting to learn something whether it is a Web Design or an App Development or Software Development. Being new to this myself I can teach you a lot of things in this field since I will know what mistakes you can avoid and what makes you understand more in a better way. How to go through everything how to get a free course where can you find the best content on this topic. I can tell you each and every method and this series will not only be about what to do but also the things what not to do.

And Since I just have a laptop and internet there would be No buying expensive software of courses because we all know that most of the time when someone starts to learn from the internet you search free stuff. I will not stop you if you have money to spend on the courses that would be always better but when someone starts learning something new they need to know first or realize they can do it before investing you need to know everything. This Series of articles the only thing you will need will be a computer with 4Gb RAM and a decent internet Connection.

Also Helping one another is always the best way to go, so you can Contact me any time you want from my Contact page I have also created a WhatsApp Group where you can directly ask me questions to me or on my Tecxyz Facebook page for any problems you face we I will be always ready to help you.

The group will also help you with the promotion and testing of your app and it would be free of cost so lets began this journey with me. 

 CLICK here=>App Development Page 02

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