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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

How can you make some money being a student practical ways

Being a Student is the best phase of our lives and if you are in your college or school you would be needing some money for your pocket expenses. And if you like me most of the time we don't like asking for money from my parents, not for buying new clothes or giving treats to my friends. other than for my necessities. Still if you are in my shoes we need money sometimes and if you can cover your expenses on earnig it will like a great satisfaction so today I am going to tell you what you can do to make some extra cash to cover your expenses.

Start Saving 

The first step to becoming self-independent is to start saving what you have. if i am not wrong whenever our parents are happy or a distant relative comes to our home they always give us some money maybe its like a penny but still its money even an ocean is created with the help of thousand drops of water. start saving as soon as possible sooner you start sooner you will get your stability.

Open a bank account

Get your bank account opened as soon as possible . The money you have in your closet will do no good to you until it's in the market invested somewhere and a bank is the best place to invest with zero percentage risk for anyone to start. Know all the funds and different offers given by the bank like there are FD(Fixed Deposit ) where you can make average (6-7) % profit on your money every year. Keeping your money in a bank is a better option than keeping it to yourself. There are also some RD in which you can invest a small amount of money every month if you don't have a large capital this small amount can be as little as 100 rupees. One of the major profit of keeping your money in a bank account is you will not be tempted to use it more often. The RD will give intrest on your money from the day you invest.

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