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Howdy, Geeks!
Welcome to – A community of enthusiastic users who are living an internet lifestyle or are currently moving in that direction.
Here is what you will find on Tecxyz blog
  • 92% practical tips to raise & earn money from your blog, the other 8% is for extravagant jokes & personal stories.

  • Basic & advanced money making techniques. This is all pretty cool stuff but not that easy. 

  • This site is not limited to tech, fashion, travel, finance, or any other kind of blogging. Tecxyz is appropriate for everyone with any kind of blog or website.

  • Complete “How-To” of inbound marketing to increase traffic, sales & brand value.
  •  Learn blogging on the go. (Yah! I believe it’s the future…)

This blog is Something which started as a bit of fun turned out to be the biggest life changing experience for me.  it has become more than just a popular blog. its has 30,000 views, it has made a positive impact on many people’s lives.

This blog’s popularity is because it has changed the lives of many who apply these techniques.

This community has helped numerous individuals to become their own boss through the internet. This is done by becoming financially independent first, and then experiencing the true meaning of life.

If you have never blogged before, don’t mistake it with just another thing. It’s an intense tool which can empower you beyond anything else as your words will reach out to everyone on every corner of the planet.

Always remember:
   "With your words, you have the power to change the world."

Tecxyz  is the best blog for anyone who is passionate about discovering new technology , themselves through writing and for those who have the desire to excel in this fast-changing online world.

Many people think blogging is only about writing your personal story, but that’s not entirely true. If you mix your hard work with smart work, you can make a living with your blog;

Again, this blog has  very tangible stuff. has changed the lives of over thousands of individual around the globe. They are now earning money from their blog and have become their own boss.

About Shashank Bhushan Shukla (That’s me) 

I am the mind behind blog.
I may use big words at times, but I’m a really simple guy who loves to simplify complex stuff.  

I completed my primary education at Holy Cross School  in 2015 and received my degree in B.Sc (Maths) from SMMTD College Ballia  .  Prior to becoming a professional blogger,
I started blogging out of my passions for learning & sharing. In 2015, I got to know about blogs 

I started on the BlogSpot platform  I found blogging to be a great medium for sharing my favorite things with the world. Initially, I started writing random stuff, but later on I discovered how to make money blogging. I discovered “The Way” to become my own boss through the power of the internet. This was when I started sharing those things that worked for me. 
That’s how Tecxyz   was born.

Blogging has given me so much more than money.  It’s given me a sense of freedom that I didn’t know was possible.

When I’m not on my computer, I love traveling & adventure sports. Don’t just take my word for it as this is digital world and I can show you a video.

So far, I have done NCC,achived  State Level Chess Player award , now I’m looking forward to another jump soon.
But to keep myselfself in this busy life, I love to meditate & read (when I’m not falling through the sky).
So yeah, that’s all about me. I’ll leave you with this moment of relative seriousness:

When I first started Tecxyz, I had no idea how it was going to be. It was one of those things that I did but couldn’t explain why. I just did it because I loved it! 

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